Ultimate Large First Aid Kit
Brand Vitalfour
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Dimension: 23.8cm (L) x 7.7cm (W) x 20.4cm (H)
Weight: 1.06kg

•Suitable for 1-10 Person
•Suitable to keep at home, office, kitchen, school, factory, warehouse, hotel
•Light weight
•Wall Mounted 
•The kit contains a colourful first aid guide for information and advice on dealing with minor injuries to life threatening conditions.
•The kit contains irrigation water rinsing of minor cuts or wounds, to remove loose foreign materials, dust and pollutants. Packed in single-use ampoules to prevent wastage.


Registered Under MDA Act 737
MDA Reg No: GA1848820-41605
MDA Advertisement Approval Number: MDAMD 0262/2022

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