BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket
Brand BurnFree
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  • 1pc/pack
  • comes with Water-Resistant carrying case


•BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket solves the immediate first aid needs for all types of burns by relieving the pain, rapidly removing the heat, and cooling the burn. It reduces swelling, redness, and additional skin and tissue damage.
•BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket provides immediate pain relief by covering exposed nerve endings. 
•The BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket is designed for emergency and industrial use, and to also provide physical protection from heat, fire, and smoke. It can be used to extinguish flames, entry or exit from fire, as large dressing.
•During transport to a medical facility, the blanket will soothe & calms the victim reducing physiological and psychological trauma. It will cool the burn, and draw the heat out to and stops the burn progression to prevent further tissue and nerve damage.
•The blankets are made of a pure virgin wool, woven with a unique interlinking cell construction. The special construction of the wool, allows for the blanket to hold up to 14 times its weight with the BurnFree specially formulated gel. The water-soluble gel is easily removed and will not adhere to the skin.
•Portable, safe and easy to use
•Be Prepared, Stay Calm. BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket ideal home, restaurants, laboratory, industry, military, mining, and workplace

Pertologan Cemas Untuk Terbakar
•Rawat luka melecur dan terbakar anda dengan BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket
•Sesuai untuk semua jenis luka terbakar yang berpunca dari api, selaran matahari, rakaman terma, bahan kimia, radiasi, geseran dan elektrik.
•Bersiap sedia, Bertenang: Sediakan BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket di rumah, tempat kerja, restoran, makmal, industri, tentera, perlombongan, 

Fungsi BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blanket Untuk:
1.Menyejukkan bahagian yang melecur dan terbakar
2.Melegakan kesakitan
3.Melegakan selaran matahari

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