About Us

VitalFour Medical, a distinguished and fully Malaysian-owned business headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, stands as the foremost manufacturer of first aid kits. Additionally, we operate as a prominent first aid training academy, providing comprehensive education in life-saving skills.


Our commitment to excellence is evident in every first aid kit we produce, all manufactured under our MDA License to uncompromising standards. Widely utilized by individuals, workplaces, homes, vehicles, paramedics, first aiders, and government organizations daily, our kits are a testament to quality and reliability.


As we aim to be "Your Companion in First Aid," we provide a comprehensive selection of first aid and rescue equipment. Our offerings include AEDs, stretchers, immobilizers, oxygen resuscitators, and first aid supplies for kit refills. Additionally, we supply trauma bags designed for frontline responders. Rely on us as your steadfast partner for high-quality first aid solutions and training in Malaysia.


VitalFour: A Name Rooted in Life-Saving Essence and Innovation in First Aid Equipment

The name "VitalFour" is a fusion of two key elements: "Vital," representing essential signs of life, and "Four," symbolizing the critical importance of the golden four minutes in emergency response—the precious time frame within which timely action can make all the difference. Beyond being a mere company name, VitalFour embodies a concept deeply rooted in the urgency and essential nature of first aid. It reflects a commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative first aid equipment that aligns with the values of promptness, precision, and life-saving efficiency.


To enable First Aid Kit and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) available in every home and public area.

To promote the importance of CPR and first aid through public education and awareness.
To ensure delivery of quality products and services to first aider; to preserve life, prevent illness or injuring from becoming worse

Innovation: We are passionate on keep going to develop and provide greater value of product and service to our clients by improve and invent the future to make first aid simple for everyone.
Devotion To Society: We take public awareness of CPR and first aid as our social responsibility. We are dedicated to improve first aid knowledge in our country and nation.